Our summer meadow flowers are looking lovely

We’ve planted some new meadow flowers for 2023.

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Bird's-foot trefoil, whose yellow flowers look like little slippers, pretty pink musk mallow, cow parsley and large white oxeye daisies are really showing through now at Monument Meadow after some much welcome rain following the recent hot dry spell.

We’ve also got songbirds nesting by our wooden pavilion and an inquisitive owl has been spotted in the tree line near the new owl box.

Along with our gentle mown paths through the meadow, it’s all a picture of beauty and tranquility and a peaceful place to pause and remember a loved one.

If you are interested in finding out more about Monument Meadow and would like to have a look round, please get in touch with our site manager Carole who will be happy to arrange a date and time for you to visit. Call Carole on 07725 073596 or email

Monument Meadow is an award winning natural burial ground and we offer a variety of sustainable funeral options including full natural burials, cremated remains burial and scattering of ashes all within our wildflower meadows with views across to Wales.

Owl box in monument meadow
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