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A natural burial is where an unembalmed body is laid to rest in a biodegradable coffin or shroud in a carefully hand-dug grave.

Natural burials are environmentally-friendly and ensure minimal impact on the surrounding landscape.

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About Natural Burials

Monument Meadow is a member of the ‘Association of Natural Burial Grounds (‘ANBG’), the sole organisation that scrutinises the green burial movement in the UK. In keeping with their code of practice we accept all coffins, shrouds and ashes caskets and urns that are biodegradable and non-toxic.

Traditional, solid wooden coffins (not chipboard) are acceptable. However, we do not permit non-biodegradable linings or plastic. All handles, linings and pillows should be made with natural fibres.

People may be buried with possessions as long as they are made from natural materials. Please contact us if you have any quesions.

All burials are single depth and loved ones may pre-purchase adjacent burial plots.

Our grounds are sensitively planted with wildflowers and meadow grasses as well as native trees and flowers, to create a tranquil area that is attractive and ecologically rich - an ongoing living legacy for those laid to rest here.

Each individual burial plot may be commemorated with an engraved Welsh slate plaque that is flush to the ground.


Planning a Funeral

Our staff are ready to help you arrange a dignified burial or scattering of ashes, or to purchase a plot in advance. In either circumstance please contact:

Site Manager Carole Tomlinson on 07725 073596 or email to discuss your funeral requirements or to book a site visit.

We do not provide a funeral director service; most bereaved families employ a funeral director to assist them at a time of bereavement. Funeral directors can arrange matters before the funeral and transport the deceased to the natural burial ground.

Upon arrival at the burial site, there is no fixed or correct procedure to be followed; the funeral can be as traditional or as modern as you choose.

We can recommend options for Civil Celebrants who can conduct a ceremony for you; we also offer a purpose-built oak barn on-site for ceremonies or gatherings. Alternatively, a ceremony may be held in a church or elsewhere or at the graveside.

There are no time limits for funeral services at Monument Meadow; we do not want you to feel rushed or hurried in any way.

Monument Meadow welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs, or no faith, from local villages and beyond.

You should organise whatever is right for you, or satisfies the wishes of the deceased if these have been stated. We will support you to do this.